Photo Slideshows

This page shows several photo slideshows. The first one below contains some pictures of our classes, training rooms and immediate environment. Then further down you will see pictures of our Graduation Ceremonies. Please note you need Adobe Flash to view the photos etc, so if you are using an iPad or iPhone, you won't be able to see them. If you are using Android, you need to open this website in Firefox. And if you are using Windows or an Apple Mac, then you should ensure you have the latest version of Flash installed.





Graduation 2014

Here are photos of our Graduation ceremony May 2014, and please note there are 5 separate albums here:

Welcome drinks:




 Awarding of certificates:




Presentations by VIPs:





Drinks and eats:




appa training staff and freelancers:




Graduation 2013

Following are photos taken of our Graduation event which was held in April 2013. enjoy!





Graduation 2012

Here are the photos of the Appa Graduation held in March 2012:




Graduation 2011

Photos of the Appa Graduation Ceremony held in March 2011: 





Graduation 2010

You can see photos of our 2010 Graduation Ceremony in Facebook by clicking here. You should be able to see them even if you don't have a Facebook account.