Regional 2-day Level 1 and Level 2 Fast Track Deafblind Communication course

Due to demand, Appa has made some changes to the Fast Track Deafblind programme which takes pl;ace in Nottingham, Belfast, Norwich and London.

The programme now runs over 2 days, with the 3rd to 6th days being optional.

You can gain the iBSL Level 1 Deafblind Awareness and iBSL Level 2 in Deafblind Communication over these 2 days, just to give you a taste of what the course is about, and we guarantee that you will love it!

When you have gained your iBSL Level 2 in Deafblind Communication, you can decide whether to go on to the iBSL Level 3 in Deafblind Communication over Block 2 (days 3 and 4) and Block 3 (days 5 and 6).

The cost of the 2-day Level 2 Fast Track Deafblind communication programme is: £346 and here is how this is broken down:

Level 1 Deafblind

 £    90.00


 £    18.00

iBSL fees

 £    24.00


 £  132.00


Level 2 Deafblind Benchmarking

 £  120.00


 £    24.00

iBSL fees

 £    70.00


 £  214.00


Totals for Levels 1 and 2

 £  346.00

Here is when the course runs in different locations:

  • Nottinghamshire Deaf Society, Wednesday 22nd/Thursday 23rd July
  • Belfast at the BDA, Monday 3rd/ Tuesday 4th August
  • Norwich Deaf Connexions, Thursday 6th/ Thursday 7th August
  • London at Appa, Saturday the 12th/Sunday 13th September

Click 2 day Fast-Track (Level 1 & ) Deafblind Communication course for further information.