NEWSFLASH!! 2-day Level 1 and Level 2 Fast Track Deafblind Communication course

Due to demand, Appa have made some changes to the Fast Track Deafblind programme which is being run in Nottingham, Belfast, Norwich and London.

The programme now runs over 2 days, with the 3rd to 6th days being optional.

You will gain the iBSL Level 1 Deafblind Awareness and iBSL Level 2 in Deafblind Communication over these 2 days, just to give you a taste of what the course is about, and we guarantee that you will love it!

When you have gained your iBSL Level 2 in Deafblind Communication, you can decide whether to go on to the iBSL Level 3 in Deafblind Communication over Block 2 (days 3 and 4) and Block 3 (days 5 and 6).

The cost of the 2-day Level 2 Fast Track Deafblind communication programme is: £346 and here is how this is broken down:

Level 1 Deafblind

 £    90.00


 £    18.00

iBSL fees

 £    24.00


 £  132.00


Level 2 Deafblind Benchmarking

 £  120.00


 £    24.00

iBSL fees

 £    70.00


 £  214.00


Totals for Levels 1 and 2

 £  346.00

Here is when the course runs in different locations:

  • Nottinghamshire Deaf Society, Wednesday 22nd/Thursday 23rd July
  • Belfast at the BDA, Monday 3rd/ Tuesday 4th August
  • Norwich Deaf Connexions, Thursday 6th/ Thursday 7th August
  • London at Appa, Saturday the 12th/Sunday 13th September

For further information about this course, please click here, or email